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I chose this chiropractor just based on reviews and I'm so thankful to find a practice that incorporates exercises, adjustments, and decompression. I could hardly move my neck when I first came in a few months ago, now my whole body is moving better! The whole staff is so friendly and's like a total wellness journey!! Thank you!👌
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Michelle! It's been amazing to see all your progress!
I was hit by an 18 wheeler October 2022. After spending several months at UT trauma unit and two rehabilitation hospitals, I have not been able to walk. An MRI discovered that my lumbar and C spine were extremely compacted.After being treated by Dr. Whittler and his staff after several months, I have been able to WALK using a walker. I know I have lots of work ahead of me to be back to 100%.I am so grateful to have found Dr. Whittler and his staff. They honestly care about your health and outcome every “step” of the way.With much appreciation I look forward to a long patient treatment plan with Dr. Whittler and his staff.Esther
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Esther!! We love working with you and seeing the hard work/ progress your making!
It's difficult to describe what Dr. Whittler's practice does since it is so unlike any other Chiropractor out there. He is abnormally knowledgable about how a body functions and how a well aligned spine affects the body's ability to function at its peak. Even younger and healthier people in our family have seen substantial benefits from what this Dr. has to offer. As gentle and as unorthodox the techniques are, there has been substantial movement to our spinal alignment in a short period of time and the benefits that came with that were unexpected but life changing. We are all hooked! This service is definitely one of Knoxville's best kept secrets.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Ana! We love taking care of you and your family!
I am so thankful to have been recommended to KCS. Dr. Whittler and the staff are incredible. They are caring, gentle, and experts in their field. When I first visited the practice I experienced nearly constant back pain and would frequently wake up during the night with numbness in my hands. Since being treated at KCS my symptoms have dramatically decreased. I’d recommend anyone to go see Dr. Whittler. He can improve your life.
Love the staff and the friendly environment! Also, love the way my diagnosis was explained to me! I fully understand what is happening and why!
Dr. Whittler is phenomenal. It is a blessing to have such a gifted chiropractor in Knoxville!
5 Stars! Dr. Whittler and his awesome team at Knoxville Chrioprator Solutions are my heroes! I will always be grateful that I found them when I did.Suddenly, with no warning, I developed 2 herniated disc, probably from lifting heavy items at work. I just turned 64 years old. I was in so much pain. No medications from 2 visits to the ER would work or take away my pain. With my diagnosis of 2 herniated discs, I developed sciatic and could hardly work. My oldest Son said go to a chiropractor. That's when I found KCS! Thank you KCS team! I'll always have a special place in my heart bc of how you cared for me, encouraged me, and celebrated each step I made when I progressed! Your team also helped me set goals to get better. Love you all always! Marie V.
I love the people here at Knoxville Chiropractor Solutions! They feel like family, all while being very professional. When I started coming, a couple of months ago, my lower back was hurting so bad that I couldn’t drive 20 minutes without shots of pain going down my leg. Dr.Whittler came up with a plan and has executed it perfectly, I can drive and sit without shots of pain going down my leg! Which is nice. I love walking in a seeing Amanda’s kind and welcoming self! And Allie makes the time go by quickly and is so fun to talk to! They all really care about their patients and want to see them healed. So thankful to have found Knoxville Chiropractor Solutions!
Response from the owner: Allie, I speak for everyone here at KCS when I say.... it is always a pleasure seeing you here in the office!!
I've been to quite a few different chiropractors over the years and I'm highly impressed with Dr. Clint! His high level expertise is amazing! He's provided me with very quick relief from my lower back pain after it "popped", with treatments and proper exercises, and even making quick progress with my years of scoliosis!! I HIGHLY recommend!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Sue! It is a pleasure working with you to achieve your goals and to provide you with some relief. Looking forward to seeing you in the office again soon.
I enjoyed meeting with Dr. Clinton and learning about the ways they can help their patients with neck, back and shoulder pain. The office is very professional and the staff is friendly and inviting. With his years of experience, Dr. Clinton really knows how to find the right solution for his patients.
Dr. Clint is a knowledgeable, kind-hearted, talented chiropractor who wants to see people get healthy and healed! Check him out!
My wife and I have been going to them for over a year and have had great success with the issues we have been experiencing.They are kind and professional!Choose them for your needs and I don’t think you will be disappointed!
Dr. Clint Whittler is a rarity because not only is he extremely knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and skilled but he is also one of the best athletes I’ve ever met or known of. His performance background and mastery of spinal correction makes him a true gem for the Knoxville area! TY Doc.
Very caring staff and Dr. Sparks was very knowledgeable. She is greatly helping my lower and upper back pain and my neck issues. I would highly recommend this chiropractor to everyone!
Response from the owner: Thank you! Glad we can help!
In addition to my previous review:I've now been seeing Dr. Sparks for just over 2 years, and I still have nothing to complain about. She caters to your needs and how you feel from week to week or day to day. I appreciate the time she takes for each person and never hesitates to spend a couple extra minutes with them if they need or want it.I also wanted to give a shout-out to Ryan who does an absolutely amazing job with his massages! He has an amazing ability to adjust his pressure to your individual needs, whether you need a light touch or deep tissue massage. I highly recommend him to anyone whether they have neck and back issues or not.
Thank you Dr. SPARKS AND TEAM, I am thankful for your help that I have less pain in my back and neck. And I have more movement.
I am thankful for Dr.Sparks and her team she does everything to help you with your pain. She has helped me with my back and neck problems I can move around more than I use to.I am thankful for the help, I am getting to get more movement in my body. Everyone is friendly and caring.
Dr. Sparks and her team are awesome! They greet me by name every time I walk through the door and ask questions about my life. I don't feel like just another patient! They are so good at answering all my questions ( I have a lot), and make sure I understand my treatment and what is to be expected. I came to Dr. Sparks office with a Herniated Disc back in November and pretty much unable to walk. Within two treatments and a massage I was able to get back to my everyday activities!! I have been seeing her and her staff for almost a year; between the monthly adjustments, massages and traction, I am feeling better everyday and see the improvements! They always ask what needs to be worked on or what is feeling good today, it's not always the bad things. They are the best in Powell and I am so glad to have a team like hers to help when I need it the most.
I came here after 2 years of neck pain. Dr. Sparks is very thorough, and after x-rays, explained why I was having pain. I was set up on a regimen of stretches and adjustments. However, I did not tolerate traditional neck adjustments AT ALL. Overtime Dr Sparks began to adjust my neck using a different technique. The relief was immediate, and I am no longer having any neck pain. I am so happy my neck pain is gone! I can sleep comfortably again! Also, Ryan, the massage therapist on staff here is amazing!
Response from the owner: We are happy to hear that! Glad you are feeling better!
Dr. Sparks is a godsend. She was the first chiropractor to come up with a consistent and coherent diagnosis for my suddenly appearing scoliosis. Other chiropractors and doctors waved it away and told me it was genetic and incurable, but she saw that it was caused by my work, and gave me a plan to correct it over time.Dr. Sparks cares about actually improving her patients' lives, and encourages folks towards actions that will correct their problems, rather than just maintenance. I've seen her do this for multiple patients. This is the big reason I trust her!She also talks straight. She often says she only tells you what she'd tell her own sister. She cuts through nonsense, and says what you need to hear.
Response from the owner: Glad to hear that! Happy to see you doing better!
Dr. Sparks and her crew are the best! I truly mean that; I went to over 13 doctors and physical therapists trying to get help and nothing was working. I started seeing Dr. Sparks and made tremendous progress on my pain and arm function within months. She’s gone above and beyond helping me and she treats every patient like family and really cares about you. I would (and have!) recommended her to my family. The whole atmosphere that Dr. Sparks creates is welcoming and you know you’re walking into a place of whole body healing. Ryan gives awesome massages and Ali is super knowledgeable about exercises for any part of your body in pain. I can’t think where I’d be without them, I feel like I’m getting my life and arm back for the first time in over a year. I can’t say enough about this place!
Response from the owner: Glad to hear that! Happy to see you doing better!
Before coming to see Dr. Sparks i had the worst hip and lower back pain to the point that i could not sleep at night. I also have TMJ (lock jaw) and would wake up every morning with my jaw locked for about an hour. After my first adjustment with Dr. Sparks my whole body has felt so much better. Even my TMJ. I would highly recommend Knoxville Chiropractic to anyone and everyone.
Response from the owner: Mercedes we love you and your energy! Thanks for referring your co-workers!
I had severe lower back pain and neck pain. After several adjustments and therapy, I started feeling much better. I have been going faithfully for the past 10 months. She also has a great massage therapist that loosens my neck and shoulder tightness. I highly recommend Dr. Sparks and her staff. They give individual attention to you and your needs.I have been having massage’s with the massage therapist for several months. It loosens me and helps my lower back and neck pain. It helps me feel more balanced, which I need. I am so happy that Dr Sparks now has a massage option. I highly recommend trying a massage.
Response from the owner: Glad to hear that! Happy to see you doing better!
I have had low back pain for many years. I have been to multiple Drs and Chiropractors, and they would do x-rays and never would explain what was going on. Dr. Shana explained everything to me in a way that I understood. She came up with a plan of how my back could be fixed. I have only been seeing her for 2wks, but I can tell a difference already. I was having to go home early somedays from work because I would be in pain, but now I have been able to complete my shifts. I highly recommend Dr. Shana. She and her staff are very nice and down to earth they make you feel welcomed. They care about your well being
Response from the owner: Thank you Tonya!
Super caring, friendly staff. Dr. Sparks was able to give me relief without nasty meds within 2 treatments when I couldn't even turn my head to the side. Alli has helped me get my hair growing back better than before(I used to have a significant amount of daily shedding, now I might lose a couple of strands when shampooing) after post COVID fall-out(seriously had lost half of my hair) with the nutritional supplements that are available there. And Ryan is one of the best massage therapist I've ever had work on me! Can not say enough great things about this place!!!
Response from the owner: Glad to hear that! Happy to see you doing better!
I really don't know where to begin, I limped in there a month ago in pain everyday. Unable to sleep all night. Miserable at work all day. Within 10 visits I'm 💯 better than I was. Dr. Sparks and her staff. Are literally the nicest and most caring healthcare providers I've ever met. They truly care how I feel physically and mentally. Constant pain can wear on you mentally. They are giving me my health and happiness back. It takes being consistent trusting her therapy even when it hurts to make a difference. The natural supplements that they recommend and have in stock work. I was eating over the counter pain medicine every day. I'm for the most part free of that. Thank You Dr. Sparks, Allie and Kyla for making this a positive experience for me.
Response from the owner: Glad to hear that! Happy to see you doing better!
I’m only 21 and I suffer from back pain and neck pain. I’ve tried three other chiropractors and they didn’t really help, just temporarily fixed me for the time being. I’ve only been going to Dr. Sparks for about two months and I already feel a TON better. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s amazing at what she does. Ryan, the massage therapist, is amazing as well. I’m not a big fan of massages, however, Dr. Sparks recommended them so I gave it a try. Ryan was kind, friendly, and a fantastic massage therapist. Alli, the CTA, helped put me on a physical therapy program that has also helped significantly, with Dr. Sparks’ assistance too. I also started taking supplements everyday to assist in my diet and help with some smaller issues and they work well so far! Kyla, the front desk manager, is always so sweet and kind and always helpful. The whole office team is just overall fantastic. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
When I first came here I was in a lot of pain and Dr.Sparks really helped me and is still helping me and Ryan is amazing. I have told my entire office about Knoxville chiropractic solutions they are amazing. I came in with horrible allergies and Alli helped me so much with standard process supplements, what she gave me I will continue taking because they have improved my allergies and so much more! I can’t wait to continue with this team! Kyla at the front desk is so kind and sweet!
Love Dr.Sparks , Allie , Kyla and Ryan! They are amazing and helped my husband and I so much! The atmosphere is amazing! They make you feel like family and help you achieve your goals! This is the only Chiropractor I recommend! Thank you Dr.Sparks so much for helping us get better! Allie helped me with getting the Supplements I need to better my health and now I feel soooo much better and am improving my health each day! Thanks Knoxville Chiro!
Response from the owner: Kelly, we love helping you through your Fibromyalgia episodes and getting your IBS on track! You whole body is already doing so much better! Its a pleasure serving your little family!
Dr Sparks and her team at Knoxville Chiropractic Solutions are absolutely wonderful. I first started seeing Dr Sparks when I was experiencing neck, back and leg pain. In a matter of time, she had me feeling as good as new. Thank you Dr Sparks!Not long after I started going to Knoxville Chiropractic Solutions, Alli introduced me to the Standard Process products. She explained to me that they were whole food based nutritional supplements. The holistic approach is right up my alley so I was very interested.I have dealt with multiple medical conditions for many years. Alli took the time to listen to all of my health issues and concerns. She is very knowledgeable and educated on the Standard Process products and was able to recommend the appropriate supplements to treat my symptoms and help me feel better.Now I can proudly say…..…I AM a true believer in the Standard Process products and I highly recommend them. Thank you Alli for helping me find the right products for my individual needs. These supplements have really changed my life!
Great place for an adjustment and massage! Stop on by when you're in town and you won't regret it!
I will never go anywhere else. Dr Shana is amazing! I started going to her for back pain and since I have been coming here I have had little to no back issues! The atmosphere is friendly and they make you feel like family. It's truly nice to see people that genuinely care
I went to her office on 12/21/21 with excruciating lower back pain, we've been at a little over a month now and the pain is tolerable now not 100% yet but in time she will get me to where I was before. Her team is awesome you can get a massage if you need one which helps you relax. I would totally recommend her, even though she is from Georgia 😆 🤣 😂.
Response from the owner: Thank you Robert!
I have been coming here for 6 plus years and it’s hard to tell you just how much Dr Sparks has helped me. Her whole thing for me was to relieve my pain in my back and help me walk better.The staff is wonderful very caring.Ryan is the massage therapist and he is GREAT, my doctor took me to get a message at lease once a month. I feel like a family member they have taken such good care of me.
My pain began in August 2020 when my L5/S1 discs became herniated and pinched my sciatic nerve. For the next year I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone shots and finally a discectomy. When that didn't bring me relief I decided to give a chiropractor a try. I remember being in Shana's office in tears because I was exhausted with the daily pain. She promised to create a program that would help me get my life back and SHE DID JUST THAT!! She was thorough in her explanation of what I should expect and gave me a timeline. Four months later I'm happy to report that I do have my life back and the nerve is no longer aggravated. She changed me from being a broken person with little hope that I would ever be pain free to an active and happy me again. And I owe it all to Shana and her lovely staff. I will forever recommend anyone dealing with daily pain to go see her before you waste your time on alternatives!!
Before I came in my neck was so stiff and I had to be careful moving it around. Which made doing colorguard very difficult because we have to whip our heads around, my neck pain made that impossible. Now after going to the chiropractor my neck is a lot more lax and the pain is nonexistent. I've went through going through several neck and back stretches trying to loosen it up. The adjustments have definitely helped me as well, making my neck feel amazing at the end of adjustment.-- Isabeau Mahn
Response from the owner: So happy to help Isabeau!
Excellent care , and would be very happy to have Doctor Sparks treat me again. Her care was very good. I would recommend her treatment very readily. Bob Shipley
Response from the owner: Thank you Bob!
Dr. Sparks and her staff is amazing! They truly care about their patients and helping them. I very rarely have headaches now (the reason I started going to the chiropractor). They also provide massages and supplement support too that are great! I highly recommend Dr. Sparks and her team. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for myself or my family.
Response from the owner: Christian we are so glad to hear that! Thank you so much!!!!!!!
I've been dealing with intermittent back and neck pain for a few years now but I always wrote it off as bad posture. But as I advanced through nursing school, the stress, tension, and constant sitting worsened the pain to where I could not sit or stand comfortably any more. I found Knoxville Chiropractic Solutions and was seen almost immediately. I have seen a chiropractor periodically in the past but this had to be the most extensive visit I've ever heard. Dr. Sparks covered all the bases and created a detailed plan to get my back to where it needs to be, while working around my school schedule and some insurance issues I had. I'm only a week in but I am already feeling results. I can exercise again, I can turn my neck even further now, and the frequency of my headaches has declined. Overall, this place is filled with kind staff who are doing everything in their power to help to me, which a huge relief!UpdateSo I have been visiting the Knoxville Chiropractic Solutions for several weeks now. And I don't feel like I can articulate well enough about the improvement I have seen with my spine after starting here. So let me just give an example - I am still in school and just started back this week. One day I had back to back classes that left me sitting from 8am to 3pm. No walking breaks, nothing. And at NO POINT that day did I think to myself "Oh my back is getting sore, guess I've been sitting too long." I have not been without back pain from sitting for long periods several years. Not the mention, the staff have remained consistently kind, friendly, and adept over these several weeks.I say this with all sincerity - this is the best chiropractor I have ever been too
Response from the owner: Megan, we are so glad to hear that, thank you so much! Can't wait to keep watching you improve!!!!!
Awesome place for care and the staff are awesome!
Response from the owner: Thank you Jenny!
I absolutely loved my experience here! Dr. Sparks took my back pain & headaches from a 10 to a 0 and now I feel so much better! 10/10 would recommend.
Response from the owner: So happy to hear that!
Been coming to Dr Sparks for years. She keeps my back in line, literally. Anytime my back starts acting up, she gets me in quickly and takes care of it. .Love her and Alli! Super nice people.
Staff is very nice and Helpful
I had lower back pain and my neck was killing me and I went here and all my problems are fading as I keep coming back, it feels great
Love this place. They really care and listen to their patients.
Response from the owner: WE love serving you and we love that you are a lady veteran!